Redding Method offers both short courses, and longer (7 week).  The short courses are usually four 1.5 hour classes and include:  Nabori, Fleeces Revealed, Fleece and Fiber Master Class, Reactive Dyes etc..  We are constantly adding more classes to the short course list so please check back frequently. To view the class list, highlight Short Courses under the menu bar and a list of classes should appear.  In addition to our short courses, we offer our original Redding Method 7 week courses.  These courses may be taken for personal growth or, with the intention of becoming a certified Master Dyer, or Redding Method certified teacher.  For more information on our certification courses, please go to Master Dyer Certification or Teacher Training.

All courses are taught live and through Youtube; occasionally Google Hangouts will be used. If you’re taking a class through Redding Method, please make sure you have the plugins for Google Hangouts which came free when you sign up. You can actually try and start your own Hangout which will help you how to install the plugins (which is painless and free!) If you are a student and have trouble live streaming, it could be due to your iPad or similar devices which are known to have issues with live video feeds. Please contact Trisha for help troubleshooting issues.
In the event you’d like to host a retreat with Natalie Redding, you can use the contact page on this site or email:  If you want to learn more about Natalie Redding, you can visit the Namaste Farms site.  In the event your interested in purchasing Namaste Farms Wool Shampoos, please visit

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What Our Students Are Saying

I want to say THANK YOU Natalie ! You have already spurred me to learn something I haven’t succeeded in learning my self during all the years I have been dyeing wool: Namely to really repeat my dyeing. Ulrika

April 24, 2016

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