If It’s Broke, Fix It!

Have you ever had a dye pot disaster? Do you have fiber dyed in imperfect colorways hiding in your stash? When things don’t go as planned it can be frustrating and disappointing, we have all been there. No matter what the medium, one of the most valuable skills is knowing how to fix mistakes. For dyeing protein fibers, making mistakes is time consuming, costly and often results in having bins and drawers full of “mistake” fiber. Whether you’re a very experienced dyer or brand new to the dyeing scene, “If it’s Broke, Fix it” will teach you how to fix your mistakes and create gorgeous colorways. You can turn your trash into treasure while learning the fundamentals behind why you end up with muddiness, incomplete dye penetration, uneveness, dye hemorrhaging, felting of fibers, continuous green or orange dominated pots, and more. During this live online 4 class mini series, not only will you learn how to fix mistakes but you’ll also learn the science behind the dyes, why you have trouble with certain dye colors, and how to understand what’s really happening when you make mistakes. Watch in real time as Natalie Redding takes completely ruined dye pots and fixes them while breaking down how to turn these seemingly hopeless mistakes into gorgeous and head turning treasures that customers will be thrilled to purchase. By series end, you’ll have the tools to fix any type of colorway disaster and will no longer dread a dye pot failure. Instead you will be confident and excited about what it’s going to become. Classes are interactive where students can participate in real time and ask questions in chat. After the live session, classes are recorded to Youtube and available for unlimited viewing for one week after the last class aires (Dec. 21st) at which time, the recordings are deleted. For more information, please contact Kristin. To enroll, please use the pulldown menu and choose the appropriate price option. Redding Method Teachers, Master Dyers and prior Redding Method students receive a discount.

Class Times and Syllabus (please note, class length may vary)

Dec 11th; 11:00 am-~12:30 pm   The science behind the process and why you have crocking/hemorrhaging of dye

Dec 12th; 12:00 pm-~1:00 pm   Making mud into money (fixing the pot often leaning towards orange)

Dec 13th; 11:00 am-~1:00 pm   Making mud into money (fixing the pot often leaning towards green)

Dec 14th; 11:00 am-~1:00 pm   Save dye and money, how to use your residual to make beauty (no matter how dirty or destroyed it is)!

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