Fleeces Revealed! March 26-28, 2020

This is a three part live online course which teaches you valuable information designed to save you time and money while simultaneously teaching you valuable facts only fleece judges, wool graders and experienced shepherds know.
Each class is ~1.5 hours and is run through Youtube Live. The March 2020 session of Fleeces Revealed is LIVE and participants can interact in real time during the live feed.  Videos are available for one month after the last class airs and then will be deleted (April 27th 2020).  To enroll, please go to the Enroll page.  

March 26th-Class 1: Assessing The Best Breed For Your Focus
This class focuses on not simply buying the cheapest or most popular fleece or fiber, but learning how to determine the best fleece for your needs. You’ll learn Natalie Redding’s easy classification system that empowers you to know where you should put your time and money. Whether your end goal is reselling raw fiber, making batts or using the fibers in your own creations, you’ll be able to identify the appropriate breeds and condition of fleece for your end use. Don’t waste money on unnecessary purchases, buy smarter!
March 27th-Class 2: Getting the Most Bang For your Buck
This class focuses on how to assess a fleece (or tell if the seller is misleading you) in person at fiber festivals and farms or online when you only have a picture to judge by. Learn telling signs that show a fibers true usability as well as tips to determine if the fleece represented is of the actual breed advertised. By the end of “Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck,” you’ll be able to successfully buy fleeces and get what you expect.
March 28th-Class 3: OOPSIE! Turning Garbage into Cash Salvaging Fiber and Fleeces
We’ve all ruined fleeces or purchased fleeces which are poor quality.  This class focuses on how to turn “not so nice” fibers into cash. The tips you learn will help you look at flops without cringing; there’s hope for any mistake you make and potential to make revenue off of “oopsies.”  During this class, you’ll also learn about skirting, packaging and storing fleeces


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What Our Students Are Saying

I want to say THANK YOU Natalie ! You have already spurred me to learn something I haven’t succeeded in learning my self during all the years I have been dyeing wool: Namely to really repeat my dyeing. Ulrika

April 24, 2016

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