Do You Know Your Dyeing Science Facts ?


Test your skills about scientific facts relating to dyeing. These are some important facts Redding Method dye students learn which help them achieve consistency and colorfastness in their dyeing.

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1. Will most luster long wool breeds pick up dye similarly?


2. Can you accurately predict a dyes ability to be wash fast by the color of dye?


3. Does wool have a pH?


4. Do finer fleeces take more dye?


5. Because of the way dyes are created, you don’t have to buy a lot of colors, especially the darker ones.  It’s possible to push the dye color of the swatch darker by adding more dye.


6. You must be careful not to use too much citric acid or vinegar (weak acids) when dyeing silk because you can decrease the pH too much by adding excess weak acids.


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What Our Students Are Saying

I want to say THANK YOU Natalie ! You have already spurred me to learn something I haven’t succeeded in learning my self during all the years I have been dyeing wool: Namely to really repeat my dyeing. Ulrika

April 24, 2016

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