Successfully dyeing protein fibers requires abandoning inflexible doctrines. RM

Achieving Color with Dynamic Principles

The art and science of dyeing fiber has long been viewed as a world of chemical formulations, minute measurements, gram scales, and calculations.  Acquiring information from the literature can be tedious, solitary, dry, and uninspiring.  While many dyers have rejected the rigid constraints of traditional dyeing methods, until Redding Method, there’s been no organized methodology which bridges the gap between overly tedious techniques and a completely intuitive “no rules approach” to dyeing.  Redding Method is the first dynamic dyeing system which utilizes scientific and physical facts triangulated with empirical evidence only acquired through practical experience.   

Redding Method is based on intuitive techniques designed to teach problem solving skills derived from “First Principles.”  A strong foundation is achieved only by stripping everything down to its most basic components.  Building a strong foundation using principles reduced to the simplest facts results in seamless recall of crucial information, one of the skills required to develop consistent results when dyeing protein fibers.

Redding Method is founded on three tenets:

  1. Know your Canvas
  2. Know your Dyes
  3. Experience

Throughout any of the three courses offered, the tenets are constantly validated.  Never before has such attention been paid to the importance of the breed and/or species of fiber which is being processed.  There are scientific facts about fiber that will largely determine the outcome and success of a protein fiber dyeing experience.  Redding Method illuminates the differences in fiber and explains how to adjust methods to suit each different fleece. While paying attention to the “canvas” is crucial, so is understanding dyes and the idiosyncrasies each brand and color possess.  A dyer must know which colors fracture, which ones are difficult to control, and which ones are challenging to make colorfast in order to have a successful dye pot.  Beyond knowing your canvas and dyes is the last tenet: Experience.  Without the experience necessary to problem solve quickly, achieving optimal results will be elusive.
Redding Method is dynamic and believes that “education is just the beginning.” To fully realize and benefit from the teachings, each person must intercalate their own experience and individualism. There’s always room for change and growth, thus no methodology should be static.


Education is just the beginning. RM

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I want to say THANK YOU Natalie ! You have already spurred me to learn something I haven’t succeeded in learning my self during all the years I have been dyeing wool: Namely to really repeat my dyeing. Ulrika

April 24, 2016

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